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Weight loss pill sales down, bars flat, sports supplements up….what’s going on with the U.S. Sports Nutrition & Weight Loss Market?

Did you know that weight loss pill sales only make up 8% of the total U.S. sports nutrition & weight loss market? Did you know the nutrition bar market is larger than the total low-carb foods market? If not, join NBJ editorial director Patrick Rea and Katia Fowler, Director of Communication and former editor of NBJ as they present the 2007/2008 Sports Nutrition & Weight Loss Market Overview Webseminar.

In this NBJ webseminar, we will answer:

Weight Loss

Does Fucoxanthin have the potential to replace ephedra as the weight-loss market king?

How long will alli suppress U.S. weight loss supplement sales growth?

What will be the best sales channel to sell your new (or old) weight-loss product through over the next 5 years?

Where does the GSK petition stand and what are the next steps for the nutrition industry?

Have the AERs shown any prevalence of stimulant complaints?

What’s going on in low-carb? Will it ever disappear?

Sports Nutrition

Why has the energy drink market’s growth slowed?

Will any sports beverage brand successfully challenge Gatorade?

Did the nutrition bar market continue to rebound in 2007? Which bar brands grew, which brands faltered, and why?

What brands and markets are behind the 8.4% growth in the sports nutrition supplement market in 2007?

What channels should sports nutrition brands shy away from to ensure future success?

What alternative channels for sports nutrition products retain potential for future growth and expansion?

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