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What our refrigerator contents reveal about us

Check out these fascinating pictures of Americans' actual refrigerators (I mean, the insides). Which one resembles yours? I know which one I *wish* looked like mine. From the intro:

We purchase refrigerators the way we fill them: out of necessity—to preserve the milk; to keep the greens from wilting. But from the right vantage point, an open fridge is the perfect staging grounds for a discussion of consumption. And if the aphorism holds true—if we really are what we eat—then refrigerators are like windows into our souls. It’s that sentiment that’s at the heart of Mark Menjivar’s inventive exploration of hunger, “You Are What You Eat,” for which he photographed the contents of strangers’ refrigerators.

And yet, the contents of my own fridge reflect what I am NOT eating as much as what I am eating (the chard that was so vibrant last Friday doesn't look so great today; compost pile?). Still it's shocking to visualize all the processed, lifeless foods we tend to consume. Check out what the health pros buy at the store. What would you say about your fridge?

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