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What’s trendy in personal care?

Yesterday I met with the folks behind MyChelle Dermaceuticals, a natural skin care manufacturer based just down the street from the NFM offices in Colorado. We chatted about the latest ingredients and trends, and I was on the receiving end of a professional therapeutic facial. Not a bad way to spend a work day.

These days the focus of natural personal care seems to be what’s omitted from products. Consumers want to avoid potential baddies, like parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfates, synthetic fragrances and more. Although MyChelle products are free of these potential toxins, the company claims that what’s in their products is just as important as what’s left out of their products. As research hounds, the MyChelle team sniffs out bioactive plant and marine ingredients and infuses products with efficacious levels of the forms they deem best for skin.

Here are a few key beauty trends that Kristine Carey, the marketing director for MyChelle, highlighted for me. To sell customers on the following personal care categories and more, Carey suggests dedicating an endcap or a few shelves to sample-sized beauty products. Carey says that consumers want to try a cleanser or a moisturizer once or twice before committing to a larger bottle.

Healthy aging. As baby boomers get older, the anti-aging category will continue to be big business. Some of MyChelle’s new products: peptide-infused G2 Instant Firming Serum and Magnolia Fresh Eyes treatments and a Pumpkin Hydrating Mist with poppy extract and pumpkin juice. Check out MyChelle’s glossary of ingredients and why they work.

Sensitive skin. A growing number of people claim to have sensitive skin, suffering itching, redness, allergic reactions and more, according to Carey. These people are shopping for unscented, anti-inflammatory products. According to Carey, the “sensitive” group is actually a diverse bunch who may have oily or dry skin, youthful or mature skin. Some skin conditions arise as a result of mistreating a skin type—for example, overdrying oily skin, which causes the skin to produce even more oil and contributes even more to the initial problem. MyChelle now offers a gift box specifically for sensitive skin. During the facial, I found that the Unscented Honeydew Cleanser was kind to my sensitive skin.

Teens. More and more moms are looking to lessen the chemical burden on their children. MyChelle now offers teen-specific products (for boys as well as girls) that come packaged in a trendy denim bag that keeps the collaborative products together.

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