What was your healthy 'Aha' Moment?

What was your healthy 'Aha' Moment?

I spent one full month eating a strict Ayurvedic diet of freshly prepared foods, no caffeine, no sugar, no alcohol, very little dairy or wheat and plenty of vegetables and warm cleansing soups and teas. 

I had enrolled myself in a residential yoga certification program. I participated in four hours of asana practice each day coupled with plenty of Vedanta and meditation. But all that good stuff aside, I’m convinced that the diet alone totally overhauled my system.

By the time I left I felt like the whole world was in black and white and I was the only one in full color. I was calm, happy and free of all digestive distress.

In fact it was re-entry into the standard American diet that set my stomach churning. While visiting a friend in NYC shortly after leaving the ashram we stopped for some Ben & Jerry’s—a long-time favorite of mine.

It hardly looked good, but I ordered a kid-sized scoop just to try it. I ate two bites and had to put the rest in the freezer. I worked at it diligently one nibble at a time over the next two days before abandoning it altogether. I no longer had an appetite for coffee or pizza or burgers or candy or alcohol or any of the deliciously unhealthy things we love to put in our bodies.

That was a major 'Aha' Moment for me. In 30 short days I could retrain my body to reject the things that weren’t good for it and to crave the things that were healing and nutritious.

I’ve since reacclimatized quite well and now enjoy my coffee, pizza, wine and sweets like everyone else. But I still can’t eat ice cream and I continue to crave cruciferous veggies, miso soup, herbal tea and the aromatic rice and lentil dishes from my sattvic days on the Ashram.

I may have regressed from High Def to Technicolor, but at least I haven’t gone all the way back to black and white.

Check out these 'Aha Moments from some of the top minds and leaders in the natural products industry and let us know yours.

What brought you to a healthier lifestyle? Share in the comments.

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