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White House chef champions healthy food

I loved this article in the New York Times, "A White House Chef Who Wears Two Hats," about the new, 29-year-old White House chef, Sam Kass. He sounds like someone who gets it; "when he’s not grilling fish for the first family or tending tomatillos in the White House garden, he is pondering the details of child nutrition legislation, funding streams for the school lunch program and the best tactics to fight childhood obesity." Interesting read, including the snarky bits from big-ag interests and naysayers who think organic and locally grown isn't realistic (for more on that, read "In Defense of Organics" from DL's Sept issue). I appreciate Kass's opinion on the challenges to feed healthy food to kids: “It’s got to taste good, you know?” he said. “They’re not going to eat it, no matter how healthy it is, if it doesn’t taste good.”

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