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White tea reduces risk of obesity

In a coffee rut? Now there's reason to switch it up and order some white tea at your neighborhood café.

Researchers from Beiersdorf AG, Germany just released a study in BioMed Central's journal Nutrition and Metabolism proving white tea extract can reduce the number of new fat cells (adipocytes) your body produces and break down the body’s existing fat cells (pre-adipocytes).

White tea comes from the buds and young tea leaves of the plant Camilla sinensis. The nearly colorless brew has a low caffeine level and is less processed than green or black tea, so it contains more ingredients that are active on human cells like methylxanthines, which is similar to caffeine, and epigallocatechin-3-gallate, which is responsible for the anti-adipogenic effects. In fact, white tea has three times more antioxidants and studies show it is 100 percent more effective in combating free radicals than green tea.

The research offers a new solution for many Western countries, like the US and UK, plagued with rising obesity rates. Tea is an easy, affordable, and natural way to slim down. So next time your local barista asks for your order, try a cup of white tea or green tea, another drink proven to have slimming effects.

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