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Who owns the seeds that become your food?

Have you ever stopped to wonder who owns and distributes the seeds that become the plants you eat (or that feed the animals that become your burger)? I've trained myself to look at produce and ask, "Was it grown locally? Is it organic?" But beyond that I don't normally wonder where the seed comes from. Looking at a loaf of bread is even more problematic. And yet consolidation of ownership of seed stocks is happening rapidly in the U.S. and globally according to data from Montana State. Check out this cool graphic that shows seed ownership amongst ag, chemical, and pharmaceutical companies. What's wrong with it? Well, the growing prevalence of GM seed, for starters. Aside from the lack of science to support the safety of eating GMOs, many of these big companies engineer proprietary seeds which produce sterile plants—meaning farmers can't save seeds from crops from one year to the next, forcing them to buy new seeds each year—and to use the pesticides designed to work with these seeds. And what happens if these companies take over other smaller companies and increase their market share? Yeah, you get my drift. It's scary stuff, if you think about it.

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