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Whole Foods enforces sustainable packaging guidelines for personal care

lotions.jpgBetween decoding ingredients and deciphering label claims, pampering yourself can be, well, a little stressful. Because there's a lot that goes into knowing what's inside that bottle of lotion or conditioner, Whole Foods recently eliminated some of that guesswork when it announced that any personal care product claiming to be "organic" must have a label to back it up. Now the retailer is alleviating more purchasing pressure so that you don't have to worry about the bottle itself: By the end of the year all Whole Body personal care products will be packaged in post-consumer recycled (PCR) bottles (these bottles will boast a leaf symbol, indicating they're made from 100 percent PCR plastic). And for its new sustainable packaging guidelines,the retailer worked with 25 personal care suppliers to develop a set of best practices to reduce waste, such as reducing the amount of plastic in product packaging and only using materials that are reused or recycled. All personal care products must meet these guidelines before entering Whole Foods markets.

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