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Why aren't you innovating?

innovation definition

In giving out its 2010 Business Achievement Awards, Nutrition Business Journal chose not to dole out any honors in one very important category: product merit. The reason? “The nutrition industry is too fearful right now. We aren't taking enough risk. Despite many reasons to hunker down, cross our fingers and catch our breath, this is the exact time to innovate,” wrote NBJ’s editor, Marc Brush, in the publication’s 2010 Awards issue.

Brush is right. Innovation is the life blood of any industry—and for ours, innovation is the fuel that can power positive changes in consumer consumption.

If you want to foster true innovation within your company or organization (which you should!), you won’t want to miss the education session I put together for Natural Products Expo West. Titled “Learning from Failure: Reigniting Innovation in the Healthy Products Market,” the session will take place from 1:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m. on Friday, March 11, in room 207 B of the Anaheim Convention Center. The featured panelists are Brendan Synnott, founder and CEO of Revelry Brands; Rick Sterling, CEO of the Sterling-Rice Group; Shawn Parr, the “Guvner” of the innovation and brand consultancy BullDog Drummond; and Mary Jo Cook, vice president of business development and marketing at Fair Trade USA.

Here’s what we will be discussing:

Innovation is a word that often gets bandied about by company executives and industry consultants, but what exactly is innovation, and why is it so important to an organization’s growth and to the healthy product’s industry’s ability to foster positive change within the broader marketplace? Our panel of industry and innovation experts will explore these questions and offer insights on the most common roadblocks hindering innovation within the healthy products market and how industry leaders can transcend these barriers.

When you leave this highly interactive panel discussion, you’ll better understand the need for innovation within this industry, innovation’s ability to change consumption patterns and move us closer to healthier people and a healthier planet, and how you and your organization can be spark for such innovation.

I hope to see you there!

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