Why we love 18 Rabbits granola

funkybars_keyart.jpgEver since these products from 18 Rabbits hopped onto my desk I have either been eating them, thinking about eating them, or talking to everyone in the office about how much we love eating them, so it seems only right that now I am writing about this company's awesome flavor-packed granola and granola bars. The hit of coconut you get from the first bite of the bars is addictive, and all of the products are made from natural, nutrient-rich ingredients so I think it's OK that I simply can't get enough! My favorite is the Funky Figs and Cherries but the San Francisco-based company also offers Cheeky Cherry Chocolate, Haute Diggity Date, and Nibble a Sultana, along with two granola flavors, Veritas, filled with hazelnut, walnut, flax, and cacao nibs and Gracious Granola, made from pecans, almonds, and maple. I like the packaging, and the back of the label was equally impressive: ingredients include granola, oats, coconut, almonds, pecans, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and dried fruit, all some of my favorite foods. Plus, the products are made with certified organic ingredients, are kosher and wheat free, and the granola isn't loaded with sugar. Each time I eat a bar or a bowl I want to personally thank founder Alison Bailey Vercruysse because they taste like they just came of the kitchen where she created each flavor two years ago.

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