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Wikileaks: government pitching GMOs globally

 Wikileaks is releasing data confirming what many people have believed and feared—that part of the U.S. government’s international agenda entails pushing genetically modified farming worldwide. According to Rodale, a cable released by Wikileaks says a State Department official responded to a Pakistan finance minister’s concerns that drought and water issues remain a primary barrier to increasing the country’s agricultural capacity by stating the “the integration of genetically modified seeds is critical to increasing agricultural productivity,” and then requested US-Pakistan collaboration on biotechnology research.

And it didn’t take Wikileaks to realize the US government has been unhappy with the European Union’s strict regulation of GM products and farming, they just confirmed it.

But the Pope, really? In one Wikileak cable a meeting was held with the US Embassy officials with Monsignor James Reinert, who’s in charge of food security and biotechnology at the Vatican's Council of Justice and Peace. In the same paper, the US Embassy in the Vatican reported that the Pope is receptive to using genetically modified crops to fight world hunger, but may encounter resistance from bishops from the Philippines and other countries.

The Wikileaks memos entail other GM canvassing around the globe.

Considering the widespread use of genetically modified seeds in this country all ready, and then the drift contamination that results and my question is: Even if the government did a 180 on its pro-GMO stance, is there any clean farmland left? How long would it take to revert the land? Can it be reverted?

Alas, there has been good news on the GMO front lately with a Federal judge ordering the destruction of hundreds of acres of GM sugar beets, citing the U.S. Department of Agriculture acted unlawfully by allowing their planting. And, for the first timethe USDA might be imposing limitations to genetically modified farming practices.   

Fortunately this season puts me in a mood of forgiveness and new beginnings…



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