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Pamela Bond's Blog

Will Coca-Cola go BPA free before you?

The bisphenol A buck stops here, Coca-Cola shareholders are apparently saying. Investors in the mega soda company will vote today on whether the company should reveal its response to public fears over BPA, which is used in the linings of Coke’s beverage cans.

The chemical, which is in the epoxy resin linings of most food and beverage cans, has been linked with infertility, weight gain, behavioral changes, early onset puberty, prostate and breast cancers and diabetes. The Coke shareholder vote comes on the heels of several government recommendations about BPA, none of which called for a ban—yet.

All of which makes me wonder: Are we going to let Coke lead us toward a land free of BPA? I like to think that we, as health and wellness leaders, might be feeling a little fire under our chairs, no?

If you’re a retailer, have you asked manufacturers for their BPA plans? Have your customers pressed you to carry BPA-free canned foods or at least post shelf tags indicating BPA-free products?

If you’re a manufacturer, what is your BPA strategy, and what have been the show stoppers to going BPA free? For example, Eden Foods has removed BPA from its cans, but certain high-acid ingredients in some canned bean products (tomatoes in the baked beans, for example) come to the company in BPA-containing cans. Eden is looking for BPA-free sources for these high-acid ingredients.

Share your thoughts below.

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