Will supplements improve my skin health?

Will supplements improve my skin health?

I recently learned much about boosting skin health with supplements from dermatologist Jeanette Jacknin, MD, author of Smart Medicine for Your Skin, and prospective Nutracon 2013 speaker. She shared a lot of research on different nutrients and how each one helps keep skin healthier, even for people struggling with psoriasis or acne.

The research that Dr. Jacknin presented supporting these nutrients sounds promising and luckily the supplements themselves are easy to come by and fairly inexpensive. While she mentioned several different ingredients, the ones I’ve latched onto are vitamins A-E (for cellular function and sun damage repair), pantothenic acid aka B5 (specifically for acne-prone skin), biotin (cellular health for skin, hair, and nails), and an omega-3 supplement (great for skin and pretty much everything else). Bonus: I got them all from Vitacost, which my colleague Carlotta Mast wrote about recently, and saved a bundle!

Beauty from within is a hot trend right now, particularly in Europe and Japan, but the US has been slow to warm to it. Maybe we want to see immediate results before we invest our dollars in anything. But I’m no stranger to supplements and after just a month I noticed that my high potency omega-3 supplement (that gives me north of 800 mg combined EPA and DHA per serving) has made a difference in the thickness and shine of my hair and nails. And maybe it’s a coincidence, but I think I use less moisturizer on my skin as well.

So I’m optimistic about adding these supplements to my daily routine. And I’m beyond excited to try popping some pills whose side effects include acting as an antioxidant, improving bone health, heart health and brain health, just to mention a few.

So stay tuned. Here’s what I look like today.

Not too shabby… My skin is a little red and irritated today.

I’ll post a follow-up in a couple of months and you can tell me in the comments below if you think it’s working.

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