Would you buy wine packaged in paper instead of glass?

Would you buy wine packaged in paper instead of glass?

I’m fascinated by waste.

Actually, no. Things that aren’t regulated fascinate me. Like the amount of waste produced by packaging, for example. So when I heard the following fact at a Natural Products Expo West presentation this past spring, it sent my head spinning.

Packaging makes up 30 percent of all consumer waste, according to the EPA.

30 percent!? How unnecessary.

How did we get here? How did we get this far without standards or regulation around packaging?

Given all this, you can imagine my interest in companies considering the ramifications of their packaging. So when I learned about the world’s first paper wine bottle slated to hit UK supermarket shelves by the end of this year I was stoked.

GreenBottle is made from a paper outer shell, with a thin plastic liner inside to hold liquid. Consumers can choose to compost; or recycle GreenBottle by ripping it in half then recycling with newspapers.

Weighing in at about 350g less than a normal glass wine bottle, the paper version weighs just 55g and boasts a better carbon footprint by reducing transportation costs.

I also found it interesting that wine chilled in GreenBottle’s paper packaging stay cooler, longer.

When might we see these fancy wine paper bottles in U.S. supermarkets? I have no idea. Until then, I guess there’s always boxed wine!

Would you still buy your favorite wine if it came in a paper bottle instead of glass? Share in the comments.

Also: Have you noticed any new packaging alternatives lately? Which of your favorite products are taking steps to reduce their packaging?

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