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Youth in a pill? Research supports antioxidant supplements fight wrinkles

Lotions, serums, gels, scrubs, toners, washes, eye creams, hand creams, "magic creams" you may use morning, noon, and night. We all have our tried-and-true skin care routines. But how often do you take supplements to keep your skin glowing and smooth? If you're skeptical of the inside out effect, take a look at this recent study from Thailand that offers a bit more support that yes, supplements can make you look younger. Sixty females took a supplement containing a powerhouse of antioxidants (coenzyme Q10, beta-carotene, grape seed extract, French maritime pine bark extract, green tea extract and R-alpha-tocopheryl acetate). The results: After 12 weeks of taking the supplement once a day, the women saw a significant improvement in skin roughness and wrinkles, which reduced by over 21 percent compared to the placebo group. Plus, the women reported reduction in pore size and more consistent skin color. This got me thinking.

First, about my own supplement routine. I take supplements for health...I eat antioxidants for health...I apply them topically for skin care. Is there any use in keeping these lotions and washes if a pill can do it all? Maybe not, according to this study, at least. But it also got me thinking about why we use the personal care products we do. One of the reasons I use my natural and organic personal care products is because I've researched them, tried them, and feel that they're effective. Another reason is because of the effects that may not be so quantifiable: How they make me feel. Relaxed, invigorated, cheerful. Many of the ingredients--whether it's ginger, shea, green tea, citrus, neem (just some of my favorites)--not only have proven benefits to our skin, but also therapeutic benefits that go beyond what a supplement can do. In the end, I've come up with a happy medium. This research is, if nothing else, encouraging! Antioxidants are great for you; various studies have proven they help prevent myriad diseases, and now research is showing they're also ideal for your skin. When it comes to anti-aging, and overall wellbeing, a multifaceted approach is the best way to go. Exercise regularly, eat to feel your health and beauty needs, take supplements where your diet might be lacking certain nutrients. And continue to use the products that make you look--and feel--younger. Check out Reverse Aging for some of the top anti-aging ingredients in skin care.

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