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Natural Products Expo

Here's how you can partner with influencers from Expo West 2020

Following the cancellation of Natural Products Expo West 2020, New Hope Network is launching #InfluencersMakingLemonade—a program that effectively connects would-be exhibitors with registered social media influencers.

Hundreds of social media influencers flock to Anaheim, California, every March to build meaningful relationships with brands that they trust and align with. Exhibitors do the same, seeking out influencers to help share their stories, reach new audiences and collaborate to create meaningful content. Now more than ever, working with influencers to communicate an authentic consumer-facing message is crucial.

In response to the cancellation of Natural Products Expo West 2020, New Hope Network is launching #InfluencersMakingLemonade, a free program that empowers brands to reach out to influencers registered for Expo West 2020. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

The #InfluencersMakingLemonade program is simple and free. Expo West exhibitors must fill out a quick application before the deadline of Friday, April 10. The following week of April 13, exhibitors accepted into the program will receive the following:

  • Influencer list: A list of all registered social media influencers participating in the program including contact information, social media profile links and product categories they are and are not interested in.
  • Email template: An email template for the initial reach-out to the influencer.
  • What your audience needs to hear from you: Social media strategy tips to help brands understand their role in the current conversation and five things they need to know about creating social media content to help their consumers during this difficult time.
  • Better together: An informational guide for brands and influencers on what they need to know about creating truly effective partnerships.

With an extensive list of health and wellness influencers and resources on how to best collaborate with influencers, brands will be empowered to plant the seeds for flourishing relationships. And because they are able to review each influencer's social media profiles and category interests and disinterests, brands can be tactful in reaching out to the right influencer that can help them reach their goals.

So why not make some lemonade? Apply here before Friday, April 10.

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