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Marketing strategies that helped four natural CPG brands thrive through COVID-19

Marketing strategies that helped four natural CPG brands thrive through COVID-19

There’s a belief in the natural community that a rising tide lifts all boats. That sense of community was on display through New Hope Network’s Spark Brand Success series this month, as four major players in the food and wellness space came together to share the digital media strategies that helped them survive—and even thrive—in a tumultuous year. 

SRW agency brought together four highly successful clients from its portfolio of better-for-you brands, including This Little Goat, Kite Hill, Brazi Bites and No Evil Foods, to showcase their key strategies for winning consumer attention in the year ahead. Here are four tips you can use to help your brand today: 

1. Reach prospective customers in new and unexpected ways before they shop.

The strategy team from SRW agency touted the rise of online grocery. And while you certainly need your bases covered with Instacart ads, you need to hit consumers before they shop to win out over steep competition. Famed Chicago-based Chef Stephanie Izard shared how her team focuses on standout creative to draw people’s attention. For its holiday campaign, the brand worked with SRW to leverage everything from geo-targeted paid social to a selectively chosen Out Of Home campaign in Chicago’s West Loop to grab consumer attention and increase retail sales and website holiday orders. 


2. Shift your media spend (and team’s energy!) to focus more on your paid ads than your in-feed content. 

The old days of spending a week on every social post are gone. Consumer expectations have shifted in the past year and now, they expect that brands will find them through sponsored posts and ads rather than having to follow them to learn more. Brazi Bites Senior Brand Manager Bridget Kavanaugh addressed the number one topic on every frozen food brand’s mind: how to keep the momentum going after a year of massive opportunity. In order to keep its strong momentum, the brand shifted their focus away from day-to-day communications and focused ad dollars and consumer attention on targeted media placements driving to key retailers. Mission accomplished. 


3. Get scrappy to create work that showcases the best of your brand. 

The Kite Hill social community is highly coveted by many brands in natural foods, and for good reasons! Senior Director of Marketing Connie Sinuvant shared how her team keeps their super-active community engaged by working with SRW on scrappy content production that feels like it belongs in users’ social feeds, while still showcasing crucial brand elements that drive a connection with the brand. The team also used its network to support local restaurants and chefs with contests, giveaways and coveted real estate in the brand’s social feeds. Their community appreciated and applauded these efforts as much as they loved great recipes and new product announcements. 


4. Use your voice for good.

Mission-driven brands have a lot to say, and consumers want to hear it. SRW’s public relations team shared a best-in-class case study with No Evil Foods Marketing Manager Alexa Verink. Alexa walked through how the NEF team is able to work closely with their agency to keep them up to speed on internal activities that further the brand mission, ensuring these efforts get shouted from the rooftops and underscore the brand’s promise to it’s plant-based consumers. 

When the going got tough, these brands got going. It’s not too late for you to do the same. To learn more about strategies to lift your brand awareness and sales as we head into Q2, visit