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The mechanics of successful brand-influencer partnerships

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Influencer marketing is all the buzz today. Here's how it works in real life. Hear from panelists Constance Roark of CMR Solutions; Katlin Smith of Simple Mills; Beth Manos Brickey of Tasty Yummies; and Gina Asoudegan of Applegate as they talk about implementing influencer programs from both sides of the equation.

"The reason influencer marketing is so powerful is the authenticity underneath it. People get excited because they trust you and agree with what you represent. If you deviate from that, your message is no longer going to resonate with the audience."
—Katlin Smith of Simple Mills

Part 1: The birth of influencers 


  • Each member of the panel discusses why influencers are elemental for her.
  • It is important to find influencers who have the audience or content that you want to share. 


Part 2: How to initiate and manage the brand/influencer relationship


  • Initiate relationships by connecting with influencers and forming partnerships.
  • The panelists discuss their experiences with agencies.
  • There is value in forming a long-term influencer relationship.


Part 3: The non-sexy parts


  • Contracts, content calendars, scheduling and payment are important organizational elements a brand-influencer relationship. 
  • Outline the official pieces of a relationship for a smooth process. 


Part 4: Recipe for successful relationships


  • Share an understanding of brand guidelines and the mission of brand messaging with influencers. 
  • Trust and spontaneity must be valued for a successful collaboration. 
  • Both sides of the relationship must be willing to adapt to a changing market.


This session—Sharing Your Purpose: Extraordinary Partnerships for a Healthier World—was recorded at Natural Products Expo East 2017. 

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