Acorelle brings rollerball innovation to organic aromatherapy

Product will become available through select Whole Foods Markets starting November 1.

Acorelle organic perfumes are now available in a convenient roll-on format. The new roll-ons are designed to increase the aromatherapy benefit of each eau de parfum by supporting a perfect diffusion of scent to key areas of the body.

The rollerball perfumes are available in the same fragrances as Acorelle’s perfume and floral water formats, with matching packaging. At 10ml, the pen-sized glass bottles are ideal for purse and travel.

All nine Acorelle fragrances were developed with therapeutic essential oils in formulas crafted to improve emotional wellbeing. Energizing scents include Land of Cedar, Tea Garden, and Pure Patchouli; Soothing scents are Citrus Infusion, Lotus Dream, and Divine Orchard; Balance scents include a harmony of Silky Rose, Abolu Tiare, and Vanilla Blossom.

Thanks to its rollerball design, the roll-on perfumes provide the multi-layer benefits of a light massage on key pressure points where blood flows, a therapeutic scent designed to support well-being, and an attractive fragrance.

With a rollerball application, users can apply the fragrance directly and precisely, with no waste. The rollerball delivers just the right amount of scent. For greatest efficacy, Acorelle roll-on perfumes should be applied to the wrists, behind the ears, at the plexus, neck, shoulders, and temples.

As part of the initial U.S. launch on November 1, Acorelle roll-on perfumes will be available in Whole Foods Markets, in select regions.

Acorelle’s 100% organic alcohol is certified as denatured by the French government by virtue of the essential oils that are added, not by the addition of phthalates, as is the case with most denatured alcohols.

All Acorelle scents are made with 100% organic alcohol and 100% natural fragrances. They contain no synthetic fragrance, parabens, phthalates, or endocrine disruptors.

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