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Alkemist Labs clarifies C of A policy after learning of counterfeit reports

In response to the circulation of apparently counterfeit certificates of analysis, Alkemist Labs has provided examples of authentic certificates and clarified its policy regarding their use.

Alkemist Labs has learned that apparently counterfeit certificates of analysis are circulating with emails offering raw herbs for sale.

Several industry contacts have received these emails with lab reports purporting to show the identity of several varieties of ginseng and schisandra. These reports were nearly identical to the format and language Alkemist Labs developed, but Alkemist Labs neither conducted those tests nor issued those certificates of analysis.  

Because other labs have apparently begun to mimic Alkemist Labs' distinctive format, the company has issued a policy to clear up any confusion.  All certificates of analysis issued by Alkemist Labs will include the exact words, “Copyright © Alkemists Pharmaceuticals 2016. All rights reserved.”

Also, clients must obtain written permission from Alkemist Labs to use the company's lab reports in their marketing materials. Changes or redactions are not permitted, and the Alkemist Lab name must not be removed or blurred.

“We have seen two lab reports that copied the formatting, layout and wording of our template that I created nearly 20 years ago,” said Sidney Sudberg, president and chief scientific officer of Alkemist Labs. “This report format is unique to Alkemist Labs, with my words very carefully and specifically chosen and placed.”

Alkemist Labs CEO Elan Sudberg said, “The Alkemist Labs C of A is valuable because of the reputation we have built for accurate testing and deep knowledge of the products we test. We intend to protect that integrity.”

The company has posted examples of its test reports on its website. Click through to see examples of the microscopy, HPTLC, HPLC and GC reports.

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