Ask, tell, but don't eat Chobani

The U.S. Air Force bans Chobani yogurt containing hemp seeds, fearing skewed drug tests.

Good thing Chobani hadn't invented their Blueberry Power Flip flavor back in Maverick and Goose's day. Now that would have been a sound barrier breaking blast into the dairy danger zone.

The Air Force banned consumption of the Blueberry Power Flip (the "flip" refers to what you do to get the seeds into the yogurt, not what to do with your MIG) last week, concerned that the seeds may skew drug tests, according to Air Force Times. In response, Chobani is removing the seeds from their products.

“We’ve heard some concerns from the military community about Chobani products containing hemp seeds and want to set the record straight,"Amy Juaristi, director of public relations for Chobani, said in an email to the Huffington Post. "Except for Blueberry Power Chobani Flip, no Chobani product contains hemp seeds,” However, we’re committed to giving our fans what they want and are in the process of removing the ingredient from our Blueberry Power Chobani Flip. We greatly respect our armed forces and take pride in serving our troops.”

Jessica DiGennaro, a spokeswoman for Chobani, told the Air Force Times that Blueberry Power Flip contains about 10 grams of hemp seeds. DiGennaro said that based on other research about hemp seeds with standard amounts of THC, it would be unlikely for the Chobani product to result in a failed drug test. But she told the Air Force Times that Chobani couldn't confirm "with certainty" how its yogurt would affect Air Force drug testing.

THC hasn't been the acronym causing the company the biggest headache this summer, however. The yogurt manufacturer has been facing criticism by advocacy group GMO Inside. 

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