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Behold the auto protein shake kiosk

Blint Shakes introduces a machine that whips up protein drinks.

The automated protein shake kiosk has arrived.
Your dreams of a “complete and nutritious meal prepared and delivered to you in less than a minute” could be reality, touts the Blint Shakes website. A few taps on the touchscreen and the machine blends freeze dried fruits vegetables and whey protein to create an all-natural beverage, reports No need to chop kale. No need exchange pleasantries with a juice barista. Blint Shakes, of Miami, Florida, is currently accepting inquiries for franchising.
"We are riding a wave of opportunity right now," Oscar Perez, Blint Shakes Founder and CEO, said in a company release. "Automated retailing provides the means for an entrepreneur to start a business with low overhead, no employees, and 24/7 sales," he said. "And the nutrition sector – protein drinks in particular – is exploding right now."
The company reports that nutrition is the fastest growing segment in the $19.31 billion automated retailing industry
The Blint machine whips up five flavors, Rock Chocolate, Vanilla Boom, Mangour (made with probiotics), Banana Nuts and Green Clock, with more than 20 different green vegetables and fruits.
Meanwhile, top minds at Nestle continue to work on the perfect flavor for you in particular. They’re refining an appliance nick “Iron Man,” that will analyze what you’re missing in your diet and concoct a personalized supplement to balance things out. It’s a Nespresso for nutrients

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