Consumer advocates find 17% of joint supps lacking

Consumer advocates find 17% of joint supps lacking

Testing by consumer advocacy group finds quality sorely lacking in joint health supps.

For legitimate manufacturers of joint supplements formulated to target osteoarthritis, results of new testing from may cause more pain than an arthritic knee the day before a thunderstorm. reported the results of the testing.

The organization tested 18 supplements that claimed to contain glucosamine, chondroitin, boswellia and MSM. 17 percent of them failed to contain the listed ingredients, were contaminated with lead or didn't break apart properly which would decrease the body's absorption of the supplement, according to All four products the group tested for dogs and cats also failed to match their labels.

According to the group's most recent consumer study, 29 percent of people who take dietary supps take a joint health supplement.

Among the 18 supplements selected and tested, only 15 met quality standards and labeling requirements. One product contained only 84.6 percent of its listed chondroitin sulfate and exceeded limits for lead in a daily serving. Another product contained just 51.6 percent of the boswellia promised on the label, based on its content of boswellic acids. The tablets of a third product would not properly break apart to fully release its ingredients. Two of the products which failed testing were also the most expensive products reviewed, according to

“Fortunately, we also identified many supplements containing all of the listed glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and/or Boswellia, as well as being below CL's limit for lead contamination, able to break apart properly, and properly labeled,” according to's site. “Among these products top-rated for quality, we determined those available at the lowest cost, so you can find a quality joint health supplement at the best price.”

On a related note, since Jan. 24, 2014, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has performed 16 enforcement actions advising consumers not to purchase or use products because FDA laboratory analysis confirmed that these products contain undeclared ingredients.

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