Deer antler velvet is back!

GNC sings BuckPower's praises.

The performance nutrient that was the talk of Super Bowl week is now available on GNC shelves.

TCCD International's BuckPower Deer Velvet boasts a number of health benefits, including increased muscle strength and recovery. The 100 percent pure Red Deer Antler Velvet product is a popular supplement known for promoting healthy joint function, strength, cholesterol levels, energy, endurance and libido.

"BuckPower's popularity has increased dramatically over the past few months," said Ted Alflen, CEO and founder of TCCD International. "Now that it's available at 705 select GNC stores, more customers will have the opportunity to benefit from this clean, third-party verified, worry-free supplement."

BuckPower Deer Velvet retails for $39.99 (MSRP) for a 60-count bottle of 250 mg capsules. The product is readily available in 705 GNC stores at a temporary special discount price and at

BuckPower comes from Red Deer farmed in New Zealand, the leading producer of high quality antler velvet from one of only three species known by traditional Chinese medicine to contain the coveted nutrients. The velvet is humanely removed by licensed veterinarians, who must follow the Code of Practice managed by the National Velvetting Standards Body. Removing the antlers of bucks prevents fighting and harm to the animals—a common occurrence as bucks mature and become aggressive with one another.

Leading U.S. media outlets have linked high-profile athletes to the use of banned sublingual spray products purportedly originating from New Zealand deer velvet.


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