Evolve Nutrients launches industry-first potent NanoSphere Gel Nutraceuticals

NanoSphere’s new delivery system enables formulas up to six times more bioavailable than traditional supplements.

NanoSphere Health Sciences, LLC, innovative developers of the industry-first, patent-pending NanoSphere nutraceutical delivery system today announced the availability of its line of Evolve Nutrients NanoSphere Gel formulas.

Evolve NanoSphere Gel formulas utilize the company's industry-first and only available method of encapsulating vitamins, minerals, super-nutrients and nutraceuticals as natural, nano-sized lipid spheres. NanoSphere Gels transport the ingredients directly into the bloodstream and cells for the most rapid and effective results.

The company's scientists have many years of extensive experience researching and developing dietary supplements and nutraceuticals. Evolve NanoSphere Gels are carefully formulated to include the most advanced and effective ingredients in highly-synergistic formulas. There are currently five specialty formulas in the Evolve Nutrients line, each targeting specific lifestyle and wellness requirements:

• Multi
• Longevity
• Men's
• Women's
• Energy

"Using advanced nanobiotechnology provides the ability to encapsulate, protect and transport nano-sized nutraceutical ingredients in protective membranes called NanoSpheres," said Dr. Richard Kaufman, chief science officer for NanoSphere Health Sciences. "Ongoing research supports the ability of NanoSpheres to increase the bioavailability of nutraceuticals up to six times that of traditional vitamins and capsule supplements."
The unique delivery system supports even hard-to-absorb, poorly soluble and unstable nutraceuticals, including: fat soluble vitamins; fatty acids; minerals; phytochemicals; peptides and botanical extracts.

Evolve NanoSphere Gel formulas require no swallowing of capsules, tablets or even water, and provide up to six times more bioavailability than traditional tablets, capsules or sprays.

"When in pill form, even the most beneficial nutraceutical formula will not help the nearly 50 percent of adults that have difficulty swallowing supplements," said Kate Sutton, VP of marketing for Evolve Nutrients. "Evolve NanoSphere Gels offer tremendous value to consumers by protecting the potent nutrients, and delivering the ingredients exactly where they provide the most benefit within the body."

Evolve NanoSphere Gels are manufactured exclusively in the United States, using pharmaceutical grade, biocompatible, non-toxic, GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) ingredients. All of the formulas have unique, bold flavors and contain no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, flavoring, or coloring. The NanoSphere delivery method requires no fillers, binders or other additives, ensuring that only pure, essential nutrients and desired nutraceutical ingredients are included. The formulas are all gluten free, dairy free, non-GMO and vegetarian.

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