Forget supps, new pizza provides complete nutrients

A Scottish nutrition professor has created a "nutritionally perfect" pizza with 47 nutrients.

Three pizzas a day will provide the perfect amount of vitamins and minerals.

A gooey dream, dripping with mozzarella?

Nope. A new reality, according to a Scottish nutrition professor, who has created a frozen pizza that includes every nutritional topping you need, according to U.K. guidelines.

Frustrated at failed attempts to create easy, tasty, nutritious meals, Mike Lean (yes, that's his real surname), nutrition prof at the University of Glasgow and working physician enlisted the help of Eat Balanced foods founder Donnie MacLean to create the nutritionally perfect pizza, reports the Times of India. They had to get creative to pack the pies with things like vitamin C, iron and zinc and still have the slices taste like pizza. To do so, they added seaweed in the crust (not a Domino's option) and red peppers in the tomato sauce.

The pizzas went on sale in the U.K. this week. Sadly, none of the three varieties (cheese and tomato, ham and pineapple and spicy chicken) are available yet in the States (and certainly not with a guaranteed 20-minute delivery). Lean is hoping for the ultimate delivery, however. He's suggested the pies would be the ideal fuel for NASA astronauts headed to Mars. A BBC documentary chronicles the team's struggle to get the pizzas to market.

According to Metro, Lean told the European Congress on Obesity in Liverpool: “This is the only nutritionally-balanced ready meal anywhere... Nobody has previously designed a meal which has got everything in the right proportions. I’m pretty proud of it... Find me a salad that matches up to the Eat Balanced pizza. I haven’t been able to find one yet.”

Maria Bryant, MD, of the UK Association for the Study of Obesity, told the Mail Online: “I support the move towards improving existing foods that are very popular but I am not sure that eating two or three pizzas a day would be the best approach.” Perhaps Professor Lean could work on the nutritionally perfect fish and chips.

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