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Gaia Herbs calls for greater industry transparency amid botanical scandal

Gaia Herbs, the industry leader in harnessing the healing power of organic herbs, is urging for an industry-wide dedication to increased product transparency, traceability and accountability.

Following an investigation by the New York Attorney General finding numerous store-brand supplements contained unverifiable and/or undisclosed ingredients, Gaia Herbs, the industry leader in harnessing the healing power of organic herbs, is urging for an industry-wide dedication to increased product transparency, traceability and accountability. Consumers need proof and as a market leader, Gaia has a steadfast commitment to providing consumers with assurance they deserve in order to trust that their herbal supplements are safe and potent. Using proven science to meticulously validate its herbs at multiple levels throughout the manufacturing process, Gaia makes all of this information available to consumers via its MeetYourHerbs® herb traceability platform, an industry first. The company advises consumers to make informed purchasing decisions to protect themselves from potentially harmful adulterants and take a stand against fraudulent supplements.

“It’s indefensible that some companies are mislabeling their products – potentially tainting the integrity of the industry as whole,” said Dr. Jeremy Stewart, vice president of scientific affairs at Gaia Herbs. “But, the real concern is the myth that the supplement industry is not regulated, as this is far from the case. The entire industry is held accountable to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) by the Food and Drug Administration, including verification of the identity, strength, quality and purity of each supplement. At Gaia, we go beyond these standards, starting with DNA identity verification on all raw materials before we even consider putting them through the manufacturing process, and we employ the optimal tests at each stage of the process so consumers know exactly what they’re taking. It’s a method of purity and integrity that equates to potency and safety. There is a huge need for industry-wide quality assurance measures that go beyond the occasional regulated testing so shoppers can have confidence in herbal supplements. But at Gaia, we’re already there.”

While many companies test their raw materials upon receipt using organoleptic means, Gaia is the only one to test its raw materials through DNA identity verification. The company’s team of scientists continues to test and analyze throughout the production process using a combination of DNA testing with statistical methods to validate herb identity and uncover adulterants. Statistical analysis further identifies ingredient standards, comparing samples against those from other seasons and batches – an approach which removes all human subjectivity from the process to provide scientists with definitive answers and certainty. Once all raw ingredients are identified and analyzed, validation of the end product ensures that each batch meets Gaia’s strict standards for accuracy.

To complete the circle of full transparency and consumer education, Gaia Herbs’ MeetYourHerbs®traceabilityplatform provides complete visibility of the life span of each herb from seed to shelf, and proof of the company’s commitment to purity, integrity and potency. Through MeetYourHerbs® consumers can view ingredient information, botanical information, grower certified organic status, harvest date, identity validation and methodology, purity testing, results for heavy metal toxicity, microbials and other adulterants in each and every product. Since 2010, Gaia has publically shared every test conducted on the herbs in all of its products via the MeetYourHerbs® online platform.

Gaia Herbs products are available at national and independently owned health food stores nationwide. For more information on Gaia Herbs and its line of organic and ecologically harvested herbal products, please visit

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