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It’s matcha, matcha, man!

Matcha’s hot, and cold, according to bubbling media. Will it seep into the mainstream?

Matcha mania has officially arrived, according to the New York Post. “Bored being a yoga jerk? Drinking matcha is NYC’s hot new cult,” screams the tab in a headline that appears only a year after called it the next beverage trend. notes the tea’s broiling publicity and ponders why it should come now, after a nearly 800-year history.

More and more people are learning about the antioxidant explosion in each cup (10 times more than in regular green tea) and about the sustained caffeine boost. They’re discovering new ready-to-drink, cold-pressed matcha options in addition to the powdered tins.

“[Existing tea drinkers] are excited to see this burst of innovation, Adam Hertel, vice president of grocery and natural sales for tea company ITO EN North America told “Then you also have new people that are coming in because matcha is associated with this clean energy movement and people have an awareness that it’s healthy.”

But for matcha to truly go mainstream it needs more than the Post and Cameron Diaz (a big fan). Consumers need an easy, less expensive, on-the-go-option.

“Getting the consumer to buy a tin of matcha, a whisk, and a bowl is a lot of hardware,” Tea Pigs’ US General Manager Matthew Wood told “So for this to be a long term permanent trend, the idea is to get matcha in front of more people and find new ways to make it approachable.”

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