MediNatura to acquire Heel

Heel remedies will be available to U.S. distributors through August and to retailers and practitioners through December before being replaced with MediNatura products.

MediNatura™ Inc., a Delaware corporation headquartered in greater Philadelphia, announced an agreement to purchase the Heel Group's USA operations, which is expected to be completed in late August 2014. Completion of the stock transfer is subject to standard closing procedures.

Current Heel Inc. products will be available to U.S. distributors through August 2014, and to retailers and medical practitioners through December 2014.

"We remain committed to serving the needs of our practitioners, retailers and the many people that rely on these medicines, while providing outstanding customer service throughout this transition," said Jocelyn Levesque, MediNatura's vice president of sales, and director of sales for Heel Inc.

MediNatura's line of over-the-counter products will be available to distributors and retailers beginning Jan. 1, 2015. The following retail brands will be reformulated: ClearLife™ (allergy), Reboost™ (cold/flu), WellMind™ (calming, focus) and BodyAnew™ Cleanse. All will be available in the same dosage forms and sizes as currently sold.

The OTC Heel products Traumeel and Zeel will be phased out and replaced with T-Relief™ and T-Relief Arthritis™ from MediNatura. These products will be available in the same dosage forms and sizes as were Traumeel and Zeel, and will feature all-natural active ingredients. The BHI line of products will remain unchanged.

"MediNatura is dedicated to manufacturing and distributing high quality, FDA-regulated products, just as we did as Heel Inc.," said Scott Mitchell, MediNatura's vice president of operations and director of operations for Heel Inc.

Heel's OTC products currently sold exclusively to medical practitioners will be replaced by MediNatura's OTC product line, most of which will be priced 40 percent lower than current products. OTC Heel brands with international trademarks will be discontinued, including: Traumeel, Neurexan, Zeel, Oculoheel, Luffeel, Sinusin, Vinceel, Nectadyn, Adrisin, Gripp Heel, Viburcol, Vertigoheel, Spascupreel, Engystol and Lymphomyosot.

"We know people can improve their lives by making healthy lifestyle choices, healthy food choices and healthy medicine choices," said Cliff Clive, CEO of Heel Inc. and founder and CEO of MediNatura. "MediNatura's mission is to improve lives with medicines from nature."

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