More custom supps

More custom supps

Another company offers the opportunity to create customized vitamin pill packs and have them mailed regularly to your home.

After seeing vitamin bottles scattered around friends’ homes and a colleague pull out a ragged napkin full of vitamins to chug during a meal at a ritzy restaurant, entrepreneur Arad Rostampour knew there had to be a better way, according to a story.

The Stanford and Wharton grad had just sold his $10-million funded startup Social Shield and had cash and time on his hands. The result: Zenamins. “Vitamins reinvented." (Or kind of reinvented. The startup provides customized vitamins mailed to your home, very similar to

The website lets you select the vitamins that are best for you, or will help you choose through an interactive process. The pills are custom-packed into daily doses you tear off as you go, and automatically mailed to you every four weeks. Currently, there are about 50 supplements to choose from. Three pills a day costs about $30 with shipping, comparable to the cost of the supps at a retailer.

Rostampour confessed to techcrunch that while his startup has doctors as advisers, none of the full-time team has a medical background. He also admits that Zenamins is vulnerable to competition from GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, Nature Made and other long-standing sellers. “If the large brands try to do fully customized [vitamin packs] that would have a huge impact. All these companies are set up for retail because they have established brands,” he told the tech website.

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