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More protein at breakfast, less hunger during day

More protein at breakfast, less hunger during day
New research suggests eating a protein-packed breakfast assuages hunger pangs throughout the day.

You might want some bacon with those Wheaties. A high-protein breakfast may curb hunger throughout the day, according to new research from the University of Missouri.

Heather Leidy, assistant professor in nutrition and exercise physiology at MU, is on a quest for practical solutions to America’s obesity epidemic. For this study, she had one group of teenage girls eat a breakfast of cereal without much protein. She had another group of girls eat a protein-packed, egg-based waffles she created with 30 grams of protein.

Leidy scanned participants’ brains and concluded the waffle eaters had reduced activity in the areas of the brain that signal hunger. She found that trading some of the breakfast carbs for protein, subjects were more satisfied and less apt to overeat during the day, according to a story about the research in the Missourian.

The weight-loss ramifications of Leidy’s study could add another element to the breakfast food category, which is becoming more and more “snackified,” with $300 million shifting from cereal to other, more portable options. “Breakfast has become one of the most fought-over battlegrounds in food and health, a battle fueled by consumers’ need for easy and quick meals in the morning—and by two massively successful disruptive innovations, Belvita’s breakfast biscuit and Up & Go’s liquid breakfast,” Julian Mellentin, author of the new report "The snackification of breakfast: How changing consumer habits are creating new opportunities," told Engredea.

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