More shady supplements outed

FDA and international health agencies issue warnings about a new crop of drug-spiked "supplements."

Since Aug. 23, 2013, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has performed three enforcement actions (a voluntary recall, a recall and a public notification), advising consumers not to purchase or use products because FDA laboratory analysis confirmed that these products contain undeclared ingredients. 

FDA has issued a voluntary recall for three sexual enhancement supplements distributed by; a recall for two weight loss supplements and a public notification for a weight loss supplement; all of which "contain hidden drug ingredients."

International health agencies issued four consumer warnings in three countries, including Australia, Canada, and Malaysia, concerning eight products that "contain hidden drug ingredients."

AHPA maintains a website ( that tracks the latest FDA enforcement actions taken against illegal, tainted products being sold as "dietary supplements." The site provides detailed resources and information for the supplement industry and consumers.

Browse the latest enforcement actions taken by FDA and international health agencies using the links below.

Weight loss products

Body-building products

Sexual enhancement products



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