New white paper probes fish oil contaminants

New report published by GOED and Nutrasource details the analysis of more than 1,800 fish oil samples.

GOED, the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega‐3s, and Nutrasource Diagnostics have jointly published a white paper entitled “Measurement of Environmental Contaminants in a Globally Representative Sample of Fish Oil Supplements.” The report details the analysis of more than 1,800 fish oil samples with a comparison against the contaminant limits of the GOED Voluntary Monograph, which adopts the strictest regulatory limits globally and has served as a symbol of quality in the industry since 2002. Levels of all contaminants analyzed and reported in the Monograph were below the specified limits, providing confidence that fish oil supplements are safe around the world.

Will Rowe, president and CEO of Nutrasource, commented on the findings. “We are very pleased to have partnered with GOED on this groundbreaking industry‐wide project. The testing of a vast array of samples across a number of omega‐3 product categories from major supply chains around the world is truly representative of the overall high quality of omega‐3 products.”

Adam Ismail, executive director of GOED, added, “This study is unique because of the size of the data set. To my knowledge this is the first time such a large number of samples have been analyzed and this shows the omega‐3 industry can meet consumer expectations for safe, high-quality products.”

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