News & Analysis September 2013: Hot Product Trends

10 hot products defining 2013 food trends


1. “Manly” health food: Epic Bar

Epic took home a coveted NEXTY Award for their 100 percent grass-fed beef, turkey and bison bars, which
won us over with tasty gourmet flavors such as Bison Cranberry Bacon and Beef Habanero Cherry. What’s more, each offers between 11 and 14 grams of clean protein from whole-food ingredients.

2. Transcendent function: Tumeric Alive

Dubbed “yoga in a bottle,” Tumeric Alive combines turmeric with Ayurvedic ingredients, such as ginger, cardamom, lemon and spearmint that will leave your body feeling “light and radiant and your spirit soaring.” We’ll take two bottles!

3. Boundless greens: Ruby’s Rockets

Wendy Makkena created these popsicles to sneak more greens into her daughter’s
diet. Kid-friendly flavors like Strawberry (Rock-It Red), Orbit Orange and Kiwi (Galaxy Green) are sugar-free and
deliver a healthy serving of vegetables in each tasty bite.

4. Clean protein: Kate Farms Komplete

While most meal replacements rely on whey or soy for accessible,
concentrated protein, this vegan beverage uses organic brown rice
to deliver 17 grams per serving. That’s not all – the GMO-free, hypoallergenic
beverage ups its nutritional ante with 21 “superfoods,” including acai, chia
and green-tea extract.

5. Fancy fortification: Blk.

Gimmick or legitimate functional beverage? You be the judge. This water gets its murky color from fulvic
acid, a naturally occurring substance that the company says contains more than  77 trace minerals and electrolytes. The bottle is clear to give you an idea of just how dark the drink is. Even more interesting? It tastes just like regular old H2O.



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