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The next trend for suckers

Functional and flavorful beverage straws trending.

Straws made of cookies and of meat (though not together-yet!) are sucking up consumer and media attention. called out a Wall Street Journal article tracking the functional beverage accessory trend.

“You can’t go wrong with bacon,” one bar owner who garnishes cocktails with straws of coiled, grilled pork slabs told Starbucks also launched a cookie straw lined with chocolate ganache to accompany its Frappuccino. They’ve been one of the most popular packaged bakery items in the stores.

Experts told the Journal that the straws are a tasty way to refresh existing products. They can also enhance the flavor experience. “Our human palates are primed to desire and prefer flavor contrasts,” Samin Nosrat, a chef who focuses on the interaction of flavors in the upcoming book “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat,” told “That contrast is what is going to make the experience of drinking these beverages through food straws more exciting.”

Online drinking-accessories retailer sells Benny’s Bloody Mary Snack Straws, claiming that “a bloody-soaked snack straw truly is a taste of heaven.” They’re made of a mixture of pork and beef.

Ganeden Biotech and CapAble AB teamed up to make probiotic telescoping straws in February as a new way for consumers to get their bugs. “A child can get their daily dose of probiotics from a juice pouch in her lunch box—this is groundbreaking,” said Ganeden Senior Vice President Michael Bush. Each straw delivers a full day’s supply of GanedenBC30 probiotics. “Kids won’t balk at the flavorless probiotic and the straws look just like all the others,” Bush said.

Next up: free range bacon probiotic straws for Bloody Mary drink pouches. Stay tuned.

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