Now it really gets app-etizing

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You can now access all the wisdom and insights of Functional Ingredients magazine on your iPhone or iPad. What’s particularly cool is easy shareability – one click offers you options to share a story via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. I love that idea. Bonus: Our video library has dozens of interviews and other forms of audiovisual edutainment to enlighten. And it’s as portable as your pocket.

With the FI app, we’ve broken down your world into easy-to-navigate categories: News, Top Stories, Science, Ingredients, Beverages, Regulatory, International, Video.  

The free download from the Apple Store is updated daily to keep you on top of your world. Whether you’re waiting on a line for lunch and want to check in on your iPhone, or if that meeting gets a little off-topic and you want to slide around on your iPad (don’t try telling me you’ve never done that before!), the Functional Ingredients app is there for you. So go on over to the Apple Store and download the free Functional Ingredients app. You can also get there from  

            And speaking of our website, I’d also like to tune you in to changes at

As web editor Carlotta Mast puts it, the site still provides comprehensive coverage of the natural, organic and healthy products marketplace, but now it also features audience channels that will make it easier to navigate and more relevant for retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and companies looking to purchase our Research & Insights products.

Up on the very top of every web page you’ll see the channel navigators – New Hope 360 home, Research & Insights, Retail & Distribution, Supply to Manufacturer. Wherever you are on the value chain, you can find your home at the new

Since its launch in October 2010, has become the online destination for news, analysis and commentary on the natural, organic and healthy products industry. The segmentation of the site to different audience groups makes an even better information resource for the industry as a whole as well as for our world’s distinct audience groups.

For suppliers and manufacturers, I encourage you to simply bookmark Here you will find information on the latest ingredient science, regulatory developments, market trends and sharp analysis of what it all means for you.

My other favorite channel is the Research & Insights store featuring Nutrition Business Journalreports and data charts, Engredea Monograph monthly ingredient reports, the NEXT Forecast trends and opportunity report, along with other paid research products that can help suppliers, manufacturers, marketers, investors and others better understand the natural, organic and healthy products market so that they can build and grow their businesses.

Print publications are cool. In person events are special. Online information resources add a whole new dimension to your business toolbox. Whether you’re supplying raw materials, sourcing them, developing products with them – or just trying to make it through your next meeting.

Virtually yours,



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