RFI partners with Gee Lawson for European distribution

Gee Lawson will become RFI’s exclusive distributor in Europe for its dietary supplement ingredients, science-based products and custom formulation and manufacturing capabilities.

RFI is pleased to announce that it has entered into a distribution partnership with Gee Lawson (London), Europe's leading distributor of nutritional ingredients to the health food supplement and food industries. Gee Lawson will become RFI’s exclusive distributor in Europe for RFI’s dietary supplement ingredients and science-based products, as well as RFI’s custom formulation and manufacturing capabilities.

“Gee Lawson is a perfect fit for RFI,” said Jeff Wuagneux, president and CEO of RFI.  “Their motto—More than an Ingredient Company—mirrors RFI’s own vertically-integrated business model.  As a ‘Worldwide Partner’ of Gee Lawson, RFI will be able to leverage the company’s long history in Europe and vast customer base to successfully promote the RFI line in Europe.”

“We see RFI as a natural partner to enhance their portfolio and business offerings,” said Jonathan Shorts, managing director of Gee Lawson.  “We are very excited about this opportunity as both Companies share the same ethos and quality standards.  We have searched a long time to find such a professional company in this sector and look forward to a long and successful partnership together.”

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