Sabinsa awarded 4 new international patents

Four latest patents bring the company’s portfolio to 91 internationally.

Sabinsa has received four new patents, bringing the company’s portfolio of patents to 91 internationally. The patents are:

  • Australian patent for the proprietary process technology behind the Ocufors® formulation and ophthalmic applications thereof. The process steps delineate a method of solubilizing diterpenes using Randomly Methylated Beta Cyclodextrins (RAMEBCD).
  • New Zealand patent for a unique formulation incorporating proprietary ingredients Saberry®, Cococin™ and PeptiSelene®/PeptiSelect®. This formulation has been proven to enhance the tolerance of dermal papilla cells to stress signals. The patented technology enhances the tolerance of dermal papilla cells to stress signals. It is a useful way of ensuring the survival of dermal papilla, which are critical assets in regeneration
  • Taiwan patent for the proprietary ingredient Polysal® and its ability to modulate the expression of the pro-inflammatory cytokines network. Polysal comprises of boswellic acids and polysaccharide components obtained from Boswellia serrata.
  • Eurasian patent for a dermal papilla protective formulation blending ingredients Saberry® and Cococin™. The formulation enhances the tolerance of dermal papilla cells to stress signals like UV and maintains the morphology and health of dermal papilla cells. This formula was previously awarded a patent in New Zealand.



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