Senator seeks more potent energy drink (regs)

Senator seeks more potent energy drink (regs)

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (Ill.) is hoping to reintroduce the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act, bringing stricter regulations to dietary supplements and energy drinks.

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (Ill.) is seeking Republican support for a bill that would mandate strict guidelines for energy drinks and dietary supplements, according to

"Go into that gas station and take a look at some of these energy drinks, and then look at the bottle of Gatorade or soda next to it in the case," Durbin told "One is regulated as a beverage, the other—the dietary supplement—is not."

Durbin plans to reintroduce the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act. That legislation would require companies to give the FDA the name of each supplement they produce, along with a description, a list of ingredients and a copy of the label. "Try to get past the cash register at your local gas station without running into a 5-Hour Energy drink or Monster Energy drink," he said. "Over the years the types of dietary supplements sold have evolved from some very basic formulas such as simple vitamin C and calcium supplements to include products with potentially serious side effects."

"I can guarantee you that at some website somewhere they are saying, 'Here comes Durbin again. He is going to take your vitamin pills away. He is going to make it so you need a prescription to take vitamin C,'" said Durbin.

This is not that website. We're just quoting

The Senator said he is simply arguing for more transparency to help people be informed about what they ingest. "People using dietary supplements have the right to know if there is a risk associated with the product," he said. Durbin did not mention if Rand Paul's marathon 13-hour filibuster spurred the Senate's interest in energy drinks.

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