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Functional Ingredients

Skewering Trump’s vitamin venture

While his pyramid scheme fizzled, Trump’s supps would be on-trend.

Enjoy this clip of “The Daily Show’s” Trevor Noah masterfully skewering Donald Trump’s failed vitamin venture. But give The Donald a tiny bit of credit for catching an early whiff of a growing healthcare trend back in 2009: personalized nutrition.
Trump launched his multi-level marketing operation, The Trump Network, based on supps that would be customized to each customer’s needs, according to the results of urine samples Fed Exed to the company for analysis. 20,000 independent sellers bought the products. Within a few years, the business collapsed like Trump’s hair in the rain. Scientists later told that the entire premise of the company was not backed up by modern medicine.
Trump received a licensing fee of $1 million for pitching the Network and adding his name and logo, according to a CBS investigation. Two of the people taken in were Eileen and George Kelley, retired college professors who live in Florida. “We thought it was going to take off,” Eileen told CBS News. Instead they lost $10,000. And, as everyone who is not living under a rock knows, Trump moved on to other ventures.
In the meantime, everything from DIY DNA tests to wearable fitness trackers have been ushering in an era of personalized nutrition.

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