Source-Omega to swap some fish oil for algae

Company's goal is to supply its contracted algae oil Source Oil to the U.S. ingredient supply chain for any manufacturing demand.

Source-Omega announces successful completion of their two-year stability data for Source Oil™. In addition, the company pledges to replace 1 percent of the world’s omega-3 oil inputs. Their current capacity is about one-fifth of 1 percent of current global demand for omega-3 oils.

Unlike fish oil, algae oil scale-up provides relatively unlimited modular upside production, suggests the company. The goal is to supply its contracted algae oil called Source Oil into the U.S. ingredient supply-chain for any manufacturing demand.

Source Oil stability, quality and integrity are claimed reliable and consistent between lots. On Dec. 20, 2012, the company released for public review full nutritional and contaminant profiles for the newest certified and safe DHA algae oil supply.

“What we are doing is affirming that Source Oil will become 10 different ingredient blends for 10 different branded oil positions by 10 different companies,” said Dr. Scott Doughman, PhD, founder of Source-Omega. “We are a small start-up supply model representing access and opportunity in algae oil. Imagine new private label ingredient blends for developing newly formulated solutions by any third-party with any qualified core competency in a free market format,” he said.

Because Source Oil is unformulated and comprised of only algae oil plus green tea antioxidants, the company is able to offer an innovative private label supply model as disruptive to the notion that 10 new suppliers in algae oil are needed.

"There is enough supply, demand is what is needed," said Doughman. He says they are partnering with buyers and leading in purity of extraction and quality at 400 g/Kg DHA, because their method only isolates the DHA molecules in triglyceride form without secondary lipids in the final oil.

Source Oil offers a pure 99 percent triglyceride fraction. Current developments include pure scientific reagents, animal supplements, capsules, antioxidants mixes and vitamin blends.


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