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Sprayable sleep supp on the way

Crowdfunders embrace new sleep spray.

Creators of a new sprayable sleep supplement have woken up online investors. A crowdfunding campaign for Sprayable Sleep, essentially melatonin, tyrosine and water, has brought in $405,626. Founders of the California-based startup, Sprayable, had hoped to raise $15,000 by March 1 for their product.

“Imagine,” touts the campaign page, “if you could fall asleep at the push of a button. If you could stay asleep as long as you needed, and fall back asleep easily even if awoken in the middle of the night. If you no longer had to worry about things like: Not being able to sleep due to stress or chronic pain; insomnia due to jet lag or sleeping in a hotel bed; getting to sleep early before an early morning (or late night) shift; or even a snoring partner?”

Sprayable cofounders Ben Yu, a Harvard biochemist, and former Goldmann Sachs venture capital investor Deven Soni told that the supplement’s more effective than an oral dose of melatonin because it’s absorbed slowly over time. Research has supported melatonin as a safe, natural sleep aide. Their patent-pending transport system “dramatically increases both the solubility and permeability of melatonin through the skin,” according to their indiegogo campaign.

Two spritzes on the neck an hour before sleep is all you need, says the campaign. And just in case, the company’s also selling “the world’s best sleep mask” and blue-light blocking glasses. The company hopes to ship to U.S. backers by July. About 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Last year, Sprayable launched a topical caffeine spray. One can only hope they’re working on Sprayable Happiness.


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