Suit filed against Lance, FRS

Consumers filed suit yesterday against disgraced biker Lance Armstrong and FRS Co., makers of the nutritional products he pitched, claiming false advertising.

Consumers filed suit yesterday against Lance Armstrong and FRS Co., makers of the nutritional products he pitched. Filed in Los Angeles federal court, the suit claims the two engaged in false advertising by linking Armstrong's Tour de France wins to FRS products, reports

In TV commercials, Armstrong claimed FRS’s energy and health supplements were his “secret weapon,” according to the consumers’ case, which seeks class status on behalf of all people who bought FRS products “based in whole or in part” on the Armstrong marketing campaign from 2007 to 2012. Consumers wouldn’t have bought FRS products, or would have paid less for them, if not for the misleading ads, according to the complaint.

There is no word yet of similar suits by Nike consumers, who purchased sneakers thinking they'd be as fast as Lance, or people who bought Livestrong bracelets, with hopes the yellow rubber bands would make them hip.

Armstrong, who survived testicular cancer, seemed the ideal pitchman for the products, originally developed to provide energy for chemo patients. The chews he promoted contain quercetin, “a powerful all-natural antioxidant,” according to the FRS website. Tim Tebow has since signed on as a spokesman, according to

FRS spokesperson Carli LaForgia, didn’t provide Bloomburg a comment. Armstrong's people also declined to comment. Perhaps they're waiting for Oprah.

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