Sweet Green Fields unveils Natrose I Stevia for natural flavor

The new natural flavor enhances taste in food and beverage products sweetened with stevia extracts

Sweet Green Fields (SGF), the leading U.S. science-based, natural sweetener innovator, announced the creation of Natrose I natural flavor. With approval from the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA), food and beverage companies focused on natural products can now use Natrose I to enhance flavor and improve taste and mouth-feel, while reducing overall sweetener cost. Under the management of Dr. Mel Jackson, SGF’s vice president of science, the SGF team studied bitterness and sweetness response curves to aid in the development of the Natrose I taste modulating flavor system.
Natrose I is an ideal building block for creating the perfect natural sweetener system. Blending Natrose I natural flavor in combination with SGF’s proprietary extracts, such as Optesse Stevia for reduced calorie applications, or alternatively blending with SGF’s Altesse Stevia or Puresse Stevia for diet applications, has improved mouth feel, enhanced flavor and elevated sweetness when compared with full sugar controls in many food and beverage applications.

Key Product Attributes: Enhancing sweetness for a sugar-like taste Natural flavor that works as a sugar or stevia sweet taste modulator FEMA approved Potentially no labeling changes if “other natural flavor” is already used Highly soluble, ideal for syrups and flavor concentrates Works especially well with sugar and stevia extracts For more information or to request product samples, please visit www.sweetgreenfields.com.

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