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Wixon to showcase gluten-free, organic, functional solutions at PLMA show

As demand for health and wellness products continues to increase, Wixon offers a number of mixes, enhanced by proprietary flavor modifier technologies, to meet the needs of nutrition-seeking consumers.

Wixon will showcase “good for you” gluten-free, organic, functional, and nutritional mixes at PLMA’s Store Brands Reality Trade Show, Nov. 17-18, at the Rosemont Convention Center in Illinois. The company will also feature its packaging capabilities for dry mixes and other products. Visitors to Wixon’s booth will be served samples of its Nutritional Ancient Grain Bar and Nutritional Peach Greek Yogurt Smoothie.

As demand for health and wellness products continues to increase, Wixon offers a number of mixes, enhanced by proprietary flavor modifier technologies, to meet the needs of nutrition-seeking consumers. Mag-nifique Sweet Lift creates a synergistic effect with sugar that enhances the perceived sweetness of the Nutritional Ancient Grain Bar without added sugar and calories. The bar also contains Wixon’s reduced sodium technology, Mag-nifique RSS. Mag-nifique Sour-Away reduces the perception of sourness in the Nutritional Peach Greek Yogurt Smoothie without affecting pH, and Mag-nifique Astringency Away reduces the perception of astringency.

Packaged gluten-free soup mixes will be on display at PLMA, including:

• Gluten-Free Classic Chicken Noodle Soup, a familiar taste featuring sweet corn, onion, carrot, peas, celery, turmeric, and chicken.
• Gluten-Free Creamy Potato Soup, a rich blend of carrot, onion, roasted garlic, potato, sour cream, cheddar cheese, buttermilk, and chicken.
• Gluten-Free Hearty Minestrone, featuring red and black beans, carrot, tomato, red bell pepper, celery, onion, spinach, paprika, and a hint of garlic.
• Gluten-Free Supreme Chili, with pinto, black, and red beans; onion; celery; garlic; red and green bell peppers; and a kick of spices.

Wixon’s gluten-free seasonings packets will offer a variety of zesty flavors for meatloaf, including Gluten-Free Classic Homestyle, Gluten-Free Italian Lovers, and Mediterranean.

Other gluten-free bakery items to be featured include:

• Gluten-Free Chocolate Decadence Brownie Mix, with cocoa, cinnamon, and a touch of coffee.
• Gluten-Free Honey Butter Corn Bread Mix, a sweet blend of corn meal with indulgent honey and butter.
• Gluten-Free Zesty Herb Pizza Crust Mix, including garlic, onion, and spices for a flavorful pizza crust.

Wixon’s organic spice blend and side dish offerings will be All-Purpose Seasoning Sea Salt; Pepper and Spice Medley; Blends of Italy Seasoning; Vegan Indian Curry Quinoa; Roasted Garlic Quinoa; and Spinach, Tomato, and Smoked Gouda Couscous.

Functional items that give an added boost will include:
• Fibered Up Black Chia Seed & Raspberry Microwave Muffin Mix, a filling and convenient way to help curb hunger with the inclusion of garbanzo beans.
• Protein Packed Pancake Mix, a blend that features a traditional pancake flavor with the slight crunch of quinoa.
• Protein Packed Instant Lentil Soup, with a garden variety of herbs and vegetables, such as carrots, roasted garlic, red bell peppers, onion, celery, tomato, and leeks.

“We look forward to bringing a variety of dry mixes and seasonings to life at the PLMA Show and invite visitors to stop by our booth and see how we make specialty products better,” says Wixon Consumer Products Divisional Leader Paul Whitaker. “Wixon’s three core levels of service ensure that our customers’ products meet expectations from innovative concepts through efficient production to professional packaging. Trust Wixon to be your go-to partner for developing gluten-free, organic, functional, and nutritional seasonings, beverages, bakery, and more – to extend product lines and meet the demands of these growing market segments.”

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