Would the market chews supplement gum?

A market analyst believes functional gum may sweeten lagging global gum market. 

Chew on this: gum that burns calories and boosts your energy.

“Chewing gum is shifting into a delivery system,” Datamonitor senior innovation analyst Mitsue Konishi told Confectionary News. Globally, sales of functional sugar-free gum are growing faster than sales of (oral-health focused) sugar-free gum, according to Datamonitor. Konishi believes the new functional gums could give global gum sales a much-needed boost.

Korean company Lotte developed Walking Plus capsiate gum. Fortified with chili extract, it’s designed to help the body burn fat. The company’s “aiming to provide a convenient fitness solution to busy consumers,” Konishi told Confectionary News. She did not mention of whether the gum improved consumers’ ability to walk and chew the product simultaneously.

Chewing gum may be a faster, cheaper delivery method for supplements, according to the article. Ingredients are absorbed in the buccal cavity in the mouth, rather than the gastrointestinal system so the effects hit in a few minutes, rather than half an hour.

Konishi thinks energy gums will be a rising category, with natural energy sources, like gurana, instead of caffeine. Wrigley’s launch of Alert caffeinated gum last year faded faster than the flavor of a stick of Juicy Fruit when the company pulled the product after the FDA expressed concerns about children’s exposure to caffeine in foods. The global gum leader also launched Orbit Balance Green Mint + Magnesium in 2011, which supposedly aided muscle building. Trident manufacturer Mondelez International launched Trident Vitality in 2011, with vitamins and ginseng. It discontinued the product when sales were not so vital.


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