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6 foodie podcasts that dish out business insights

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Tune in for weekly doses of wisdom.

The podcast boom has brought about some awesome new resources for food industry professionals to learn from experts in their fields. Want to hear from product formulators on how to use certain ingredients? There's a podcast for that. Need some insights on starting a new food or beverage business? There are several for that, too.

Here are a few we've been tuning in to lately. Let us know what you're listening to in the comments.

Unfinished Biz. VMG Partners has invested in some of the natural industry’s biggest success stories, like Justin’s, Perfect Bar and Vega. So Managing Directors Robin Tsai and Wayne Wu are perfectly poised to lead conversations with entrepreneurs about the highs and lows of building their business—no sugar coating involved. Guests so far have included Adam Lowry, co-founder of Method and Ripple Foods, Habit CEO Neil Grimmer and Once Upon a Farm CEO John Foraker.

Peas on Moss. If you’re a food manufacturer or product developer, here’s a good one to nerd out on. Research chef Kimberly Schaub hosts R&D experts to talk about everything from the business opportunity of the microbiome to the science behind high-intensity sweeteners to how to master a new food category.

Inside Trader Joe’s. This five-episode series is a gem for anyone interested in the business of retail and learning the stories behind how this quirky and beloved grocery chain does its thing. The podcast features employees and company executives taking listeners behind the scenes for a look at how it develops products, which ones flopped and why employees always wear those Hawaiian shirts.

Tech Bites. Technology is changing how we produce, discover and consume food, and this podcast looks at the intersection of food and tech from a number of angles, from food delivery to robots and tech-fueled food trends.

The Food Startups Podcast. With the goal of helping entrepreneurs grow their food businesses, host Matt Aaron brings in top-notch guests to answer questions about nuanced topics like the art of ingredient sourcing, how to work with a food broker and running an international business.

How I Built This. OK, so this one isn’t strictly focused on food, but host Guy Raz has interviewed a number of big food names including Seth Goldman of Honest Tea fame, Bob’s Red Mill founder Bob Moore, LARABAR’s namesake Lara Merriken, Clif Bar’s Gary Erickson and Stonyfield’s Gary Hirshberg on this podcast for entrepreneurs—and anyone curious about the stories behind their favorite brands.

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