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Best practices for a changing grocery industry – webinar

Best practices for a changing grocery industry – webinar
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Retail exposure has always been critical to CPG brands and is more important than ever, with stiff competition for shelf space, eCommerce booming and COVID-19 creating tremendous pressure on brands and retailers. And while securing retail shelf space is a big win, it is often just the start of the job; from there, it’s about maintaining retail relationships to ensure your product stays there. Challenges today are aplenty and retailers have, by-in-large, reduced SKU counts in their stores to increase overall supply chain efficiency and keep up with adjusted consumption patterns.  

This Zipline Logistics webinar will give practical examples of how CPG manufacturers can build an agile supply chain made for the competitive environment that is modern retail commerce. 

Attendees will discover: 

  • How logistics can help separate your brand from the competition 
  • What transportation data tells us about how to hit on-time standards 
  • How specialization is critical for retail success 
  • What it takes to align your production, warehousing, and logistics functions to meet the demands of today’s retail customers  



Jessica Rubino
Senior Content Marketing Director, Informa Health & Nutrition



Andrew Lynch
President and Co-Founder, Zipline Logistics

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