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Download here: Natural Products Expo East 2019 conference education presentation index

Expo Audience
Bookmark this index of Natural Products Expo East 2019 conference presentations. We'll add links as the slide decks become available.

Click on the images below for each session's PowerPoint deck.

Expo East 2019 Natural Products Business School Slides

Natural Products Business School


Expo East 2019 Hemp CBD Summit Slides

Natural Products Hemp and CBD Summit

Watch the full-day Hemp and CBD Summit recording.


Expo East 2019 Changing the Menu Slides

Changing the Menu: How Increased Demand & Product Innovation is Driving Plant-Based Eating


Expo East 2019 Rise and Raise Slides

Rise & Raise: Getting Real about Fundraising & Growing Your Business


Expo East 2019 NCN Investor Orientation Slides

NCN Investor Orientation


Expo East 2019 State of Natural and Organic Slides

The State of Natural & Organic: Leading Perspectives on a Growing Industry


Expo East 2019 Pathways to Partnership Slides.jpg

Pathways to Partnership: Building Collaboration on Climate


Expo East 2019 #Winning Slides

#Winning: How to Achieve Your Marketing Goals & Authentically Connect with Consumers Online


Expo East 2019 What's NEXT Slides

What's NEXT? Product Trends & Innovations Driving the Growth of Health & Wellness Brands

View the What's NEXT? Expo East session video.


Expo East 2019 Suppdate State of the Industry Slides

The Suppdate: An Overview of What's New in Supplements & Nutrition

View The Suppdate session video.


Expo East 2019 What's With All This Plastic Slides

What's With All This Plastic? Opportunities to Reimagine Our Packaging Landscape


Expo East 2019 Fuel Your Retail Future Slides

Exploring the Paradox: How to Create Products that are Sustainable, Healthy AND Convenient


Expo East Friday Keynote Shawn Achor

Friday Keynote: Shawn Achor


Expo East 2019 Breaking Up the All-Male, All-White Board Slides

Breaking Up the All-Male, All-White Board: Why We Need More Women and Diversity on Natural Product Industry Boards and How We Get There


Expo East 2019 Meeting Consumers Slides

Meeting Consumers Where They Are: How to Get Your Product to Market

View the Meeting Consumers Where They Are session video.

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