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Natural Products Expo

Expo West Keynotes address diversity, innovation and joy

Expo West Keynotes address diversity, innovation and joy
Hear from Tabitha Brown, Jennifer Garner, Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr. and more of our all-star Expo West keynotes onDemand.

Natural Products Expo West continues to be the place for thought leaders, innovators and changemakers to share their vision and connect with their tribe. This year, our Expo West keynotes tackled the biggest issues facing the natural products industry, from technology, diversity and climate change to joy, innovation and childhood nutrition. Did you miss these Expo West keynote sessions in Anaheim? We got you covered.

Climate Day: Keynote—Moving Beyond Overwhelm, How Business Leaders Are Critical in Building a Transformative Movement for Climate Justice

Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr. addressed the need for business leaders to step up and use their voice to hold those with decision-making power accountable to our planet and people. We each have a part to play in creating a world that is more just and that operates in service to all, not just the bottom line. Learn how we as a community of businesses can create a transformative climate movement, because there will never be climate justice without racial justice. View here.

Keynote: The State of Natural & Organic

Don’t miss this information-packed session highlighting product trends and retail insights. Inform your business strategy, discover what’s next in product innovation and join the conversations driving positive change within the natural and organic products industry. View here.

The Joy of Plant-Based Eating with Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown satisfies the hunger of millions with her unique approach to veganism and her wholesome, comedic personality on the daily. During this Expo West keynote, she spoke with New Hope Network about self care, finding your purpose and embracing the joy of a plant-based lifestyle. View here.

Keynote: The Color of Food Culture—Navigating Cultural Appropriation, Ownership & Heritage in the Food Industry

This powerful panel of experts and founders shared their vision for creating a truly equitable food system that embraces diversity. Tune in to learn about the challenges and opportunities for founders of color. View here.

Keynote: Raising the Standard—Clean, Healthy Nutrition for All Kids

How can the natural products industry rally around kids’ health innovations? Join Once Upon a Farm Co-Founders Jennifer Garner and Cassandra Curtis, the Clean Label Project's Jackie Bowen, Dr. Stephanie Canale of Lactation Lab and Holly Adrien of The Kroger Co. as they unveil a new initiative that will be a game changer for the children's nutrition category. View here.







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